Mar 282010

Yukon territory has the greatest range of annual temperatures in North America and the highest air pressure in Canada.

North America’s coldest temperature ever was recorded in Yukon at minus 62.8°C. The temperature was recorded on February 3, 1947, at Snag, Yukon, a defunct airstrip located east of Beaver Creek.

The Yukon also holds the record for the highest atmospheric pressure in Canada. On February 2, 1989, the air pressure was measured at 107.96 kPa in Dawson City.

In the territory, 1998 was found to be the driest year ever recorded in the territory, based on the 51 years of weather information. 1951 follows as the second driest year.

Mayo is the place with the record highest temperature extremes. 36.1°C is the record for the Yukon’s extreme high on June 14, 1969. The extreme low for that community (-62.2°C) was recorded on the same day in 1947 that the record low was recorded in Snag. That is 98.3°C in temperature differences (although, not at the same time) in the two extreme cases.

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